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31 Januari 2011

Buat Apa Taib Mahmud Nak Ikut Nasihat Mariam Mokhtar???

Lagi isu Taib-Ragad dipersendakan dalam Malaysia- Chronicle!!  Orang yang kecewa kerana cintanya tidak kesampaian?!! Mariam Mokhtar sekali lagi ingin melepaskan batuk di tangga sekadar untuk menulis artikel murahan untuk mengutuk Ketua Menteri Sarawak yang tidak ada sangkut pautnya dengan hal ehwal di Perak.  

Jelas sekali Ketua Menteri Sarawak tidak perlu untuk kahwin sembunyi di Perak, kerana Pehin Sri tidak melakukan kesalahan dengan menikahi wanita yang muda.  Sedangkan Nabi Muhammad pernah mengahwini wanita yang lebih muda dan ini juga telah menjadi sunnah.  Kalau diikutkan, golongan PAS tua lagi banyak kahwin dengan wanita atau gadis baru akil baligh?!!! 

Apalah Mariam Mokhtar kalau tidak ada modal nak tulis? Silalah tulis pasal resipi terbaru atau kek lapis Sarawak???

Oleh Muda Tengah

Kebencian adalah sesuatu yang jahat. Artikel diatas yang 'ditulis' oleh Mariam Mokhtar dalam malaysia chronicle bukan sahaja berbau kebencian tetapi berniat kebencian.

Amat sedih untuk melihat malaysia chronicle membuat serangan peribadi terhadap Yang Amat Berhormat Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Bin Mahmud, Ketua Menteri Sarawak. Jodoh di tangan Allah s.w.t. Alhamdulillah Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud telah mengambil langkah murni untuk bernikah secara sah dengan hamba Allah Puan Sri Ragad. Kenapa Mariam Mokhtar dan Malaysia Chronicle menghina institusi keluarga dengan mengecam pernikahan sah seseorang hamba Allah dengan seseorang hamba Allah yang lain?

Kalau Mariam Mokhtar tidak mengikut Rukun Islam dan menunaikan Solat 5 waktu kami tidak mengecamnya...Kalau Mariam Mokhtar suka meminum arak dan mengamalkan larangan Islam kami tidak mengecamnya...

Malaysia chronicle pula menggunakan munafiq seperti Mariam Mokhtar untuk mencaci dan menghina pemimpin-pemimpin...

Berhentilah kebencian Mariam Mokhtar. Berhentilah kebencian Malaysia Chronicle... 

Taib Mahmud advised against visit to Perak
Written by Mariam Mokhtar
Malaysia ChronicleThe economic gloom has made men in Perak more innovative when seeking ways to earn a living. Many have set up businesses providing useful services, principally serving the international community. Despite some criticisms from disgruntled women’s groups, others feel that these men are attracting much needed foreign investment into Perak.
These men have business arrangements in the form of ‘Sole Proprietorships’ (SP), the most common and least expensive method of setting up business.
If limited companies have their Memorandum and Articles of Association, the sole proprietor seals the deal by marrying his client.
The SP has attracted many investors, especially from those who are keen to remain in Malaysia, in order to invest here. Needless to say, a majority if not all of the clients are females.
The advantages of the SP far outweigh the disadvantages. The sole proprietors are in complete control, and within the parameters of the law, may make decisions as they see fit. The sole proprietor also receives all income generated by the business to keep or reinvest. Any profits from the business flow-through directly to the owner's personal tax return. And the business is easy to dissolve, if desired.
However, these SPs have hit a snag in the form of the Perak Immigration department, which described these businesses as “Husbands for hire”.
Its director Mohamad Shukri Nawi said that his officers had uncovered several cases where men admitted their marriage was a sham.
He said, “There were times when women arrested at nightspots would furnish us with a so-called marriage certificate. But when the husband turns up to claim the wife, he eventually admits the marriage is just a cover”
It is believed these “husbands”, who are usually middle-aged men, would agree to the marriage for monetary gains. Shukri confirmed that any irregularities in the business arrangement would mean that the clients would have their passes revoked and they would be deported.
The Immigration Department was asked how they were able to detect such marriages of convenience.
Shukri said, “We get suspicious when a much older man marries a young foreigner”.
Oh dear! Chief Minister of Sarawak, Taib Mahmud, who is 74 years-old has just married a 29 year-old Syrian.
Perak’s immigration department is not to be trifled with. They have already deported thousands of women when they conducted 28 raids under Ops Sayang.
Perhaps it is wise if Taib avoided going for his honeymoon in Pangkor. He should not set foot in Perak for either business or pleasure.
Just last week, we read of a new business in Georgia which offered single women needing household help the chance to hire ‘husbands’ by the hour for 17 dollars (13 euros) per hour.
Company owner Beso Mchedlishvili was adamant that his guys were “not male prostitutes” after several women contacted his company seeking a more intimate hour.
He said, “Our service is here to assist those women who need help with tough housekeeping tasks, such as for example minor repair works”.
At least we can be confident that Taib would not be hired by this Georgian company. One doubts that he would know how to fix a leaking tap or unblock an ‘S’ bend.

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